4 Things You Should Never Do Right After Having Sex

Medical experts say what you do before sex is important, but it’s what you do, and don’t do, after sex that matters equally too. Here are four things to avoid just after having sex.

1. Use Scented Products  

For both women and men, try to avoid using scented products to clean your private parts after sex. Some doctors even say avoid soap altogether.

That’s because for women, experts believe that using soap upsets the natural balance of bacteria that protect the vagina, leading to an increased risk of infections when bad bacteria or yeast overgrows.

They suggest that the ideal way to care for your vagina after sex is to simply leave it alone. The worst is to use products with harsh chemicals or scents, including feminine wipes, creams, or sprays you would use on an average day to help ‘freshen up’ your vagina. Also avoid using scented pads, panty liners and tampons.

So just keep it simple –  a gentle rinse with warm water will do the job.

  1. Go for a Swim

Experts say that ‘excessive exposure to water’ after sex should be avoided. That means that you should hold off your daily swim, or even jumping into a hot tub for some relaxation.

That’s because experts say during sex, and shortly after, your vagina opens up more as a result of sexual stimulation.

Entering a pool of water after sex can increase your risk of contracting an infection, because water lowers the efficiency of your skin’s anti-microbial barrier.

  1. Forget to Use the Bathroom

Emptying your bladder within the hour of post-sex is what’s recommended, according to research.

It shows that peeing can help to effectively flush out any post-intercourse bacteria. Women’s health expert  Dr. Allison Hill believes it’s crucial because ‘sexual activity can push bacteria up the urethra, which can lead to bladder infections or urinary tract infections.’

And if you go for Number 2, wipe down from front to back to reduce the spread of fecal matter to your V-area. That rule actually applies to Number 2’s outside of sex too, but because of micro-abrasions that can occur during intercourse, the vaginal skin becomes tender and is more prone to getting infected.

  1. Wear Tight-Fitting Clothing

Whatever it is you do after sex whether sleeping in, or heading out, try to wear loose-fitting clothing. If you’re in the privacy of your own space, go naked.

Doctors say lingerie should also be avoided because of its tight-fit. But if one really must reach for it, try to select cotton instead of nylon or polyester because of its softer and breathable material.

Experts say that’s because after sex, there’s usually an excess of bodily fluids and friction between your sweaty and sticky skin, so and your clothes would spread the bacteria around. Thus, it’s better to allow for a flow of air. That way the body can naturally ‘clean’ itself.

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