5 Unbelievable Toilets That Exist

The toilet – most would agree that it isn’t a place to linger. But some toilets are so outrageous that they have become tourist attractions well worth the visit.

  1. Space toilet, International Space Station

space toilet

What can 19 million buy? Well, if you’re in space, it will get you a toilet. A super-toilet to be exact. The 1-metre by 1-metre toilet is equipped with leg braces that astronauts use to fasten themselves so they don’t float away in the zero-gravity environment of space. Special fans also suck all waste into a septic tank at the International Space Station.

But that’s not all. Up to 85% of liquid waste goes through a eight-day recycling process to be turned into clean drinking water for the astronauts. As for solid waste, it gets blasted out to Earth and disintegrates as it passes through the intense heat of our atmosphere.

  1. All-glass toilet, Japan

sou fujimoto

Designed by famous Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, the all-glass toilet located in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture is an experience like no-other. While you pee or poo, enjoy a 360 degree view of a breathtakingly beautiful garden.

For those who want some privacy, you may draw the curtain. But some have said that the scenery is so impressive that you might even forget to do your business. Now, a 2-metre tall wooden fence surrounds the perimeter so you can take a dump without worrying about prying eyes.

  1. Gold toilet, US

gold toilet US

Imagine sitting on an 18-karat gold commode that’s worth over USD 2.5 million. Well, the toilet, designed by Italian artist and sculptor Maurizio Cattelan is just that – one truly expensive dump.

It was created as part of an exhibit called “America” at the Guggenheim museum in New York City.

But the fully-functioning toilet is also free to use, visitors just need to head up to the fourth floor of the museum and flush away.

  1. Cave toilet, Shanghai

shanghai bund

A toilet is probably the last place you’d want a queue to form. But in the Moon River Art Park in Shanghai, some regularly join a near two-hour long queue to get a chance to sit on the bowl. The USD 750, 000 toilet sits inside a man-made cave within the park that’s located just half an hour from downtown Shanghai.

Today, the toilet is a popular local tourist attraction. After you’re done with the loo, be sure to check out the park – for it features one of Asia’s largest collections of outdoor sculpture. Expect crowds though, on an average day, nearly 10,000 people throng the place.

  1. Bullet-proof toilet, Beijing

beijing security

Hailed the “safest toilet in the world”, the USD 100, 000 public bathroom has been described as more of a bunker. Located in a shopping centre in the Chinese capital of Beijing, authorities built the 15-ton bathroom as a part of their response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Once inside, you’ll be safe from any explosions or gun-fire as the toilet has bullet-proof walls and an extra-high security door. So sturdy it is, that it’s believed the toilet will still stand even after explosives are set off from inside it.






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