5 Cheapest Destinations in Asia

Asia’s one of the best regions to travel in, if you’re on a budget. From cheap air tickets and cross-country travel, check out five cheapest destinations to visit in Asia.

  1. China
Great Wall of China, China

A sprawling country with cities upon cities, and breathtaking natural landscapes.

China’s key attractions attract throngs of tourists both local and abroad.

From the Great Wall in Beijing, Shanghai’s Bund, and the Five Great Mountains of China – the country has something for everyone.

You can get a bed from under USD 5 a night in smaller cities.

The price remains affordable for backpackers in larger cities like Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen for example, at under USD 20 a night.

If you’re feeling hungry, street food goes real cheap, under USD 2 for meat buns, hot noodle soup and more Chinese delights.

Public transport is fast and cheap in mega cities, and on average, taxi meters begin at under USD 2. For a daily budget, you could set aside about USD 45 to explore China. 

  1. Nepal
Panoramic view of Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal 

If you’re not planning to scale Mount Everest, or take a chartered flight over the world’s tallest mountain, Nepal is a decent place for backpacking.

A fair meal in a budget restaurant can go as low as USD 2, and a place to sleep can go for about USD 12 a night.

Of course, with its many spectacular trekking trails, most people would not miss out on that in Nepal.

If you don’t like getting lost, consider paying for a guide – an experienced one could put you back about USD 30 a day, but you can share it among the group of pals you’ll be travelling with.

A daily budget of about USD 30 would be a safe bet for exploring the beautiful Nepalese nature.

  1. Indonesia
Tiu Kelep located in the foot of Rinjani Mount, Senaru Village, Lombok, Indonesia.

Indonesia isn’t just a country. It’s made up of many, many islands, each with unique culture and offerings.

Want to climb a mountain, how about the world famous Borodubur? Or laze about on the many islands with the sea, sun and sand at your feet?

The cities too, like its capital Jakarta, are a maze to explore. Generally, a meal in a decent restaurant would cost you less than USD 2, and in some places, for about USD 3 you can get a nice place to sleep.

The traffic situation gets the most flak, but popular motorbike service GoJek is cheap and really, really effective at going through lanes and getting you where you wanna go.

Popular islands in Indonesia include Bali, Lombok and Sumatra. Set aside about USD 30 a day for backpacking around its many islands.

  1. Cambodia
Angkor Wat Temple before sunset, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Not the most popular of places for an average tourist, but the country is rich in history and well worth the visit on cheap.

Set aside at least USD 40 a day in Cambodia.

With that amount, you can eat and sleep well. Bus and motorbike is the country’s choice transportation, but if you want a more comfortable ride, Grab is available there too, and some say it’s the best way to get around cities.

If you’re interested in the country’s storied past, be sure to visit the S-21 Prison & the Killing Fields. It’s a heavy, somber experience that will leave you with many questions than answers.

To get to the locations and back to the city, a tuk tuk will cost around USD 8, which you can divide between a maximum of 4 of your pals.

  1. Sri Lanka

It’s common to want to travel to this country in recent days.

Some go for the scenic train rides and spend their day at the many tea planatations littered around the country.

One of the most famous train rides in the world is the five hour Kandy to Ella train journey, that sets you back a mere USD 1.50.

An average meal costs as little as USD 2, and many of its cultural heritage sites are free to visit.

Consider putting aside about USD 40 for a day in the country.

Of course, if you want to explore other high-profile attractions such as the impressive rock of Sigiriya, or go on a safari in the Yala National Park, that will set you back about USD 28-40.

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