Is Salman Khan India’s Highest Paid Celebrity?

It isn’t just the Hollywood stars that get all rich and famous. Bollywood actors own everything from sports clubs, to production studios, aside from all the lucrative endorsement deals. And in 2018, Forbes ranked superstar Salman Khan as the richest Indian celebrity for the third consecutive time, with others trailing not far behind.

Salman Khan the Richest

According to Forbes, Bollywood actor Salman Khan is the richest Indian celebrity for the third time running!

In a year alone, the 52-year-old megastar has earned over USD 36 million from his films, TV shows and numerous brand endorsements.

But Khan was the face of many brands long before he achieved superstardom. Some of those he endorsed include Suzuki Motorcycles, and Dixcy Scott.

At one point, he starred in a series of seven movies which were considered the most commercially successful ones of their time!

He’s also the only Indian actor to have earned over USD 75 million in just one year.

His production houses are also other money-making avenues. In 2011, he created a production company, SKBH Productions, and in 2014, another one called Salman Khan Film (SKF).

Here are some other notable ones on the list of 100.

Deepika Padukone is India’s Highest-Earning Actress

With over USD 16 million, Deepika Padukone is 4th on the list as the highest-earning woman celebrity. The star of the controversial hit-film ‘Padmaavat’ is the first woman to occupy one of the top five positions since 2012.

The actress gained some notoriety after the film sparked months of protests in 2018, with critics arguing it distorted history.

It tells the story of 14th Century Muslim emperor Alauddin Khilji and Queen Padmavati, who belonged to the Hindu Rajput caste.

Numerous Hindu groups and a Rajput caste organisation say the film depicts an intimate scene between the pair, which is untrue and deeply offensive to the caste.

Many called for the film to be banned, and successfully managed to block some screenings of it.

Still, Padukone remains one of India’s most successful actresses, and is a top choice for brand endorsements.

She even has her own clothing line for women.

Priyanka Chopra Drops to 49th Place

Falling from 7th place to 49th place.

Well, international superstar Priyanka Chopra’s earnings fell by almost USD 7 million from over USD 9 million in 2017, to USD 2 million in 2018.

But no matter, the Bollywood superstar is now happily wed to Nick Jonas.

The pair held their week-long big bash in New Delhi, India. And boy, was there much to talk about. First, there was the Western wedding, then a traditional Hindu ceremony. But all everyone could focus on was the 5-metre tall wedding cake, and Priyanka’s near 23-metre long veil.

Well, the wedding took place at the luxurious Umaid Bhavan Palace in the royal state of Rajasthan.

The couple booked out the entire palace, costing them an estimated USD 461,000. The high price is because the palace is the sixth-biggest private home on Earth. One night’s stay in its Grand Presidential Suite can set you back by over USD 7000.

We wrote all about her crazy rich wedding here.


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