Is It True That It’s Getting Harder to Spot a UFO?

Unidentified flying objects (UFO) have captured our imaginations for thousands of years. Sightings have been reported throughout recorded history, from Ancient Greece to the modern day.

But are they now harder to spot?

Truth about UFO sighting

The UFO Slump

UFO sightings in the US peaked in 2012, with a three-year average of 13,500 from 2012 to 2014.

Cheryl Costa, Researcher of the Year of the International UFO Congress, took a look at US UFO sightings databases and found that sightings have been trending downward since 2015.

The slump continued into 2017 with a measly 7,837 reported sightings for the year, 26.1 per cent lower than 2016’s figure and a plummet of 41 per cent from the peak average.

Some say this slump is because UFOs are not in vogue right now. They are not a hot topic or in the conversation as much as they used to be. As a result, people might be less likely to report a strange object in the sky as a UFO.

The Flying Saucer Silver Lining

It is not all bad news for UFO enthusiasts.

Although trending downward, UFO sightings from 2013 to 2017 were greater than the entire first decade of the millennium.

Costa also notes that long-term researchers observe a six to seven-year cycle. Reported sightings rise year-on-year, peak, and then fall back to a baseline figure. So, a new, higher baseline figure of reported sightings remains a possibility.

The Truth Is Out There

If you want to do some UFO hunting yourself, you may have to do some travelling.

According to statistician Samuel Monfort, the best place on Earth to see UFOs is, you guessed it, the US. His research shows the US has roughly 2,500 UFO reported sightings per ten million people. Astonishingly almost 300 times more than the global median, making the US the world’s UFO hot bed.

Unfortunately for Southeast Asian UFO hunters, most of the region is well below the global average.

But there is hope as Malaysia and Brunei buck this trend. Reported sightings in both countries are higher than the global median.

A visit to either country will give you the best chance of seeing a UFO in Southeast Asia. Although the likelihood of spotting a UFO will be much lower than in the US, the damage to your bank balance will be as well.

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