4 Hacks to Overcome Your Fears

We have all been overwhelmed by fear at different points in our lives. How do you cope when every thought is a worry and it affects your decisions, relationships, work and rest?

It is important to overcome your mental roadblocks to get to the other side of success.

Instead of letting fear control your life, here are 4 hacks you can practise to overcome it.

1. Change Your Mindset

In order to overcome fear, you must first understand that it is an emotion. The problem does not lie in fear itself but your reaction to it.

A common misconception that fear results from external factors such as your boss, the environment, the economy, and things beyond your control is completely untrue.

You need to take responsibility for our emotions and change your perspective about your situation.

Any scenarios you make up in your head are simply part of your imagination and are based on past experiences that you are attaching to current reality. It is not true and does not have power over you.

2. 20 Seconds of Insane Courage

Imagine what 20 seconds of insane courage can do for you, and what you could accomplish if you forced 20 seconds of bravery into a daunting task. Think of how doing so would multiply your successes and breakthroughs.

First, think about what you would like to accomplish. For example, moving abroad, learning a new skill, or even asking for a promotion.

Then think about what is holding you back from taking that leap of faith. It is probably the fear of failure.

Take steps to practise 20 seconds of insane courage doing something out of your comfort zone every day. Pushing aside that fear for that one brief moment could open up endless possibilities.

Take the plunge!

3. Focus on the Bigger Picture

Darren Hardy, the author of The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster, illustrated this point with Michael Jordan taking a jump shot. Michael Jordan is not thinking about the outcome and how that shot will define the season, the championship, or his legacy. He is only focused on the shot he has to take.

The same rules apply in the moments when anxiety closes in. You should focus on the task at hand such as picking up the phone, shaking a client’s hand, or delivering your presentation.

Hardy says, “Don’t let your mind twist itself into a frantic mess by focusing on the magnified (and usually negative and false) outcome.”

Instant gratification is something a lot of people aim for but this can distract you from your goals. If you spend time chasing instant results, you will often feel like you are not achieving anything.

Set bigger goals across a longer period of time and focus on the bigger picture. It will help you become more focused and driven. Achieving those goals will always also be much more meaningful.

4. 90 Days

According to Hardy, if you submerge yourself in your fears for 90 days, the illusion of fear will eventually be gone.

By exposing yourself to your fears, it loses its power and control over you.

He suggests having relentless contact with the activity that you fear, for 90 days. By the end of it, you will no longer fear it.

What you can or cannot master will make or break you, so take steps to crush your fears and embrace the process.

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