5 Father-Son Moments with Bear Grylls and Yao Ming

It’s never too late to celebrate Father’s Day.

We have all had special moments with our fathers growing up. Here are 5 relatable moments that Bear Grylls and Yao Ming shared during their time together that will be sure to remind you of your father.

1. That time your dad slowly introduced you to that unique looking vegetable you swore came from outer space.

Bear Grylls eats maggot

2. When your dad forced you to eat your veggies and you think of every possible creative and polite way to decline the offer.

Bear Grylls gives Yao Ming maggot

3. Your dad when he tried to persuade you into doing something scary and you tried to talk yourself into actually doing it.

Bear Grylls supports Yao Ming

4. When your dad does things that convince you that he is actually superhuman.

Bear Grylls helps Yao Ming

5. When you actually realise all those struggles were worth it because you get one of those warm hugs you love.

Bear hug Yao Ming

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